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How would it feel if YOU were a slave?

It has been almost two months since the wreckage of slave ship Clotilda was found buried in murky  waters north of Mobile Bay. And since then, the one burning question constantly posed to we descendants of those 110 Africans aboard that last - and illegal - slave...

Clotilda wreck had been “disturbed,” but by whom?

Of all the things special about being a direct descendant of Africans who were aboard slave ship Clotilda, recently found lying under 20-feet of water in Mobile Bay, finding out what really happened to the 158-year-old relic might be the most exciting.  From the...

Clotilda in the News

Perspectives: Clotilda

Marine conference to include look at Clotilda science

America’s Last Slave Ship Could Offer A Case For Reparations

Written by Kevin Mwanza | Nov 01, 2019

Johnson: Why do slave-ship Clotilda owner’s descendants still cower in silence?

Clotilda in the News

How the Last American Slave Ship Could Remake the Reparations Debate


America’s last slave ship could offer a case for reparations

Internationally renowned urban designer to present at APDesign Ekdahl Lecture Series

Senator Doug Jones Memorializes Discovery of the Clotilda in Senate Resolution


No one claims ownership of last slave ship ‘Clotilda’


Alabama historical commission claims control of Clotilda, the last US slave ship

Last Slave Ship, Clotilda and the Story of the Last Slave Survivor from Africa to the US

Africatown holds day of healing, bell ringing on 400th anniversary of slave trade

DON NOBLE: ‘Clotilda’ finding ties in well with publishing of Hurston novel

Most slave shipwrecks have been overlooked—until now

Exploring the Clotilda on this week’s “Perspectives with Eric Reynolds”

The Case for Clotilda

New program introducing diving in Africatown community

What will happen to the last slave ship in the US?

Last slave ship: Alabama files federal claim of ownership

Alabama Historical Commission files to become custodian of Clotilda artifact

Alabama files federal claim of ownership for Clotilda, the last slave ship

Solar Standing Rock, space chile, wakesurfing: News from around our 50 states

Alabama seeks to preserve Clotilda wreckage

Alabama moves to protect the Clotilda, believed to be the last ship to bring slaves to the US

Africatown International Design Idea Competition to help tell Clotilda’s story

Op-Ed: The Clotilda is the only American slave ship ever found. It needs to be preserved.

Coard: Last enslaved alive when grandparents were born

Michael Coard | Jul 5, 2019

The Spectacular Find of the Clotilda and What’s Next

Alabama’s Africatown Hopes For Revival After Slave Ship Discovery

The Port City commemorating Juneteenth

South Alabama to celebrate Juneteenth in full force

Future of the Clotilda

Alabama heralds ‘last slave ship’ discovery; ponders future

By KEVIN McGILL Associated Press | May 30, 2019

Historians have been searching for the last slave ship that came to America. They found it in Alabama

Clotilda found in Alabama: What’s next for wrecked schooner? What does it mean for Africatown?

Graphics Editor Behind Clotilda Illustration Shares His Perspective

The Clotilda, Last Known Ship To Bring Slaves To The U.S., Discovered In Alabama

Wreck of ‘Clotilda’, the last slave ship to America, identified in Alabama river

Extraordinary archaeological find’: Last known US slave ship found in Alabama

Southern Miss researchers helped find last known U.S. slave ship in Mobile Bay

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