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Time has run out on the game
America plays with racial injustice

Having been a sportswriter my entire professional career, I have had a ringside seat to watch African American athletes be treated as nothing more than “entertainers” for rich professional sports owners or mega-bucks college athletic programs. It was only a matter of...

How would it feel if YOU were a slave?

It has been almost two months since the wreckage of slave ship Clotilda was found buried in murky  waters north of Mobile Bay. And since then, the one burning question constantly posed to we descendants of those 110 Africans aboard that last - and illegal - slave...

Clotilda wreck had been “disturbed,” but by whom?

Of all the things special about being a direct descendant of Africans who were aboard slave ship Clotilda, recently found lying under 20-feet of water in Mobile Bay, finding out what really happened to the 158-year-old relic might be the most exciting.  From the...

Clotilda in the News

Clotilda in the News

July 2019

Last slave ship: Alabama files federal claim of ownership

Op-Ed: The Clotilda is the only American slave ship ever found. It needs to be preserved.

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