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This is the Clotilda Descendants Portal. Here you will find information intended only for the viewing and usage by members of the Clotilda Descendants Association.


Board of Directors nominees

Don’t forget to submit your nominees for our Board of Directors as soon as possible so we can get their resumes in to us and have them in for face-to-face interviews in January.

Below is a list of those already nominated for the board by several descendants. If any are YOUR nominees, please provide contact information for them (i.e. email, “Snail mail” address, telephone numbers,etc.).

Again, if there are any questions, please call.

Clarence Johnson – Owner Bama Pest Control, Mobile;

Kym Anderson – WPMI TV News Anchor, Mobile;

Lula Beaty – Former Senior Director, Health Disparities Office, American Psychological Association;

Greg Morrison – Former Mobile TV News anchor, now treasurer of the National Association of Black Journalists;

Leonard Gilmore – Senior Engineer, Airbus, Mobile;

Ronnie Williams – Mobile attorney;

David Trent – Vice President, Airbus, Mobile;

Dr. Joel Erdman – Athletic Director, University of South Alabama, Mobile;

Rev. Byron Daniel – Pastor, Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Mobile;

Shirley Sessions – VP Community Development, Regions Bank, Mobile;

Karlos Finley – Local attorney and Circuit Court Judge, Mobile;

Dr. Kern Jackson – Professor of African American History, University of South Alabama, Mobile.

Meeting Recordings

The conferencing service we now use allows for our tele-meetings to be recorded.

Below are links to the past two meetings and they’ll continue to be posted until bullet-pointed note-taking is in place … unless you prefer actual recordings

Once you click on the link, you can use the “slider” to easily go to anywhere on the recording you’d like. That way you can advance it, listen over and over, or however you’d like.

Elections (11/14/2019)
First meeting with new officers in place (11/20/2019)

Blog info and stories for Steppin’ Out Magazine

Please think of anything you’d like to blog about for our website and any story information you’d like to submit for “Steppin’ Out Magazine,” which publishes monthly here in Mobile.

Think “outside the box” on your blogs and story lines to provoke thought from the readers and solicit their feedback.

If you cook, give a great recipe … particularly if it’s an African or other Soul Food dish.

Send all submissions to me, Darron, and I will edit before posting on the site or submitting to Greg Cyprian, editor/publisher of Steppin’ Out.

I will NEVER change the original “tenor,” or thought of your piece, but merely edit it for grammar and punctuation.

Also, Joe Womack would like to pay $50 per month to anyone who’d like to post blogs to his C.H.E.S.S. ( site

YOU, too, can post here!

Don’t forget, ONLY we descendants have password access to this part of the website. Meaning you can post whatever information you feel relevant for all to see … whether it’s something you’re selling, wanting to buy, a service you’re providing, a service you’re needing  or just info you want to share.

A potential “fake” Descendants group bears watching

I have consulted our Intellectual Property Attorney, Alexa Adams, about a group from Mobile that has “reserved’ the name “The Clotilda Society” with the State of Alabama, possibly with the intention of forming a non-profit.

The group is led by Jessica Norwood, daughter of former Prichard Mayor Jesse Norwood.

I talked to Jesse, whom I know personally from our days as executives with the Mobile Generals semi-pro football team, and asked that he contact his daughter so she can either come before the descendants or participate in a conference call to discuss the nature of her group and what its mission is.

She has yet to make contact.

I was also told by people with first-hand knowledge that Ms. Norwood attended a fund-raising meeting in New York a few weeks ago, along with a gentleman by the name of Stephen Bradberry from New Orleans, where she apparently represented herself as a “Clotilda spokesperson.”

I won’t go into gossipy details, but I’m told by several people to be alert about Mr. Bradberry’s business tactics.

Alexa said that, right now, we should do the following:

  •  Continue to raise our Clotilda Descendants Association profile via the work we do.
  • Continue solidifying our message of telling the “stories of our families” correctly.
  • Continue the work of the museum design and our work in establishing the “Blueway” sites we have oversight of.

She said by doing these things, if we have to go to court and take legal action against this group because they’re causing confusion among people who believe it is part of our group, our chances of securing an injunction against them is very good.

Keep your eyes and ears open, and if you have any further questions please let me know.

This is ONLY the beginning.